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Well, we can't believe we've been stuck in the house for months on end and have reached the holiday season of 2020...what a time, what a year.

Thankfully, we've been able to create! Our latest release in the SINGLES 2020 campaign "If I Can't Have You" is LIVE!! We're very pleased with how this song turned out. Fantastic performances by the whole band, and a wide open musical space for Laura's beautiful vocal melody. Be sure to subscribe here so you can GET THE SONG FIRST on this website! Of course, our music is also streaming on your favorite music platforms as well...but hey, why not BUY direct from the source.

Also, make sure you click on the brand new STORE page above. We currently have 20% off on our CD's, Vinyl, Posters, T-Shirts, and the ever-popular Pleasure Zone keychains! Laura and I spent a lot of time going through our stock, and creating the web store so you can purchase our LIMITED EDITION swag for the holidays. We think the store looks great! Thanks to all of you who have made recent purchases and support small businesses like ours.

Lastly, we'll be posting our latest video for "If I Can't Have You" shortly. We had a ball shooting it, and created some interesting visuals complimenting the song. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel where you can take a quick run through our catalog. We're enjoying making the videos so much, we're hoping to expand our presence for subscribers, and deliver OUR OWN EXPERIENCE right here!

More to come!!

Stay healthy, stay safe...we're gonna make it!

-George and Laura