OUR SINGLES 2020 CAMPAIGN HAS BEGUN!! During these strange and scary times, it became clear to us we needed to do something special to continue producing and releasing our music.  We decided to release a new single every four weeks for the next several months, and bring our music directly to you online. Check out our latest single THE DEAL to be released October 30, 2020.

The Deal

Laura Rain and the Caesars

©2020 LRC Entertainment to be released October 30 2020

written by George Friend and Laura Rain publishing LRC Songs (ASCAP)

Laura Rain-vocals, George Friend-guitar, Jim Alfredson-synths, Jeff Powe-drums

Produced by George Friend Mixed by Roscoe Mastering by Jim Kissling

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Different State of Mind

Laura Rain and the Caesars

©2020 LRC Entertainment

publishing LRC Songs ASCAP

written by Laura Rain and George Friend

produced by Max Bauhof and George Friend

mixed by Roscoe mastered by Jim Kissling

Laura Rain-vocals George Friend-guitar Max Bauhof-drums Jim Alfredson-Hammond organ, Wurlitzer Jeff Powe-bass

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Soul Creature

Laura Rain and the Caesars

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©2020 LRC Entertainment released 8/14/20

publishing LRC Songs (ASCAP) written and composed by Laura Rain and George Friend

Laura Rain-vocals George Friend-guitar, bass Rick Beamon-drums Jim Alfredson-synth

Recorded and mixed by Brian "Roscoe" White

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Laura Rain and George Friend

Detroit Originals

A tough, hard-working American city is reinventing itself as a vibrant incubator of ideas and creation. Back from decades of neglect, Detroit has returned to the forefront on the world stage. Adventurers, investors, artists, and young entrepreneurs are flocking to the Motor City, bringing with them energy, creativity and innovation. The city and its people are inspired again.

Laura Rain is a product of that environment, a hard driving soul singer who uses the power and finesse of her own voice to inspire and electrify your spirit. Born and raised in Detroit, where her father engineered conveyer systems for the auto plants, she delivers her original music with fearless emotion and excitement. Along with her creative partner George Friend, the pair have released four albums with a unique blend of contemporary funky soul, blues and r&b worthy of Detroit’s rich history of musical innovators.

It is the Motor City where Aretha Franklin, Parliament-Funkadelic, Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gaye all lived and created. A town where singers are continually influencing and defining the world around themselves. Laura Rain creates her own environment of expression through her music. Having released four albums of all original music since 2013, the band blends their favorite elements of funky ‘60s organ jazz, lowdown blues, dance music, old-school R&B, and soul. Laura and producer-songwriter George Friend have created a unique style, winning a prestigious Detroit Music Award for “Outstanding Blues Songwriters” and touring the U.S. Canada and Europe. Laura Rain’s voice soars as she weaves her own path through a classic, but thoroughly modern, funky sound, reimagining the r&b, gospel, blues, and soul that the city made famous.

In 2020, Laura Rain is poised to release a large collection of new music (written over the last two years) and rebuild, renew and reinvent herself once again.

Detroit has returned: strong, creative, inspiring, and always funky.

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Here's the latest from George 

Hi friends-

I'm sure most of you reading this might feel the same as we do here; anxious and uncertain of what the future holds in store. There is a certain amount of familiarity of it all to us as musicians. We often don't know what's next for us, or how we'll make it through the coming months. Back in March, when it became clear to us we would not perform on stage for a very long time, we really had to do some soul searching and confront our future with whatever clarity we could bring to the unknown. How would we survive as a family let alone as artists?

We've made our living touring, performing, writing, recording, producing and selling our music off the stage. We are WORKING musicians. That is to say, while we do make some money at our performances, a lot of what we rely on is the sales of our albums when we perform. Laura and I both have many years of experience performing for a living and are used to the grind; maintaining a busy gig schedule, booking, booking, booking and yes, more booking. Though when we met, we both decided to challenge ourselves and create our own music. We write a lot throughout the year, and always have a new album in mind.

Now although that might seem blasé to some of you, it's also rather common in the world of working musicians to be a non-writing performer. It's common to hear musicians (even at virtuoso status) who only perform music written by others. This isn't a slight, or judgement mind you...just the facts. When I met Laura and heard her magnificent voice I knew that if we worked hard at writing, we would create something unique, and that to me is what I most love about all the artists I admire and respect. Their own voice, their style and uniqueness. Prince, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles etc...ALL OF THEM put their energy into their creations and designed their own musical path. I sincerely believe in and trust Laura's ability to create and be herself...I hear it in her voice and see it in her performance, she is an original.

So, being familiar with the ups and downs of the dreaded "music business" we both came to a very quick realization that it would be important to us, and our listeners to deliver our music right here online. Perform it, stream it, record it, release it and GO! We know that engaging our fans and friends directly in real time is where that special musical electricity happens for everyone.That's why we tour, to bring our music directly to an audience and move them, make them feel good and share that reciprocal energy with them.  

Through a lot of planning and consideration, it also seemed right to release a new song every month so we could keep our audience growing and engaged. Although we've been committed to touring, we really had to think how we could still reach our listeners while not being able to bring a live show to their town on a stage. Luckily, Laura and I had been writing new music since early 2019 and had already begun the process of putting together an album. Why not just start releasing on a regular schedule, and deliver the songs through the internet? we go. We're hoping to grow our audience and reach new listeners from the world over.

Our first release of 2020, "Soul Creature" has been gaining a lot of attention. We were initially unsure of when to release it, but felt the time was right to make it the leading single in our new monthly series. We have performed the song live since late 2018 and started recording it last summer, finishing the mix and video this year...we really didn't have any expectations on when to release until this year while we were preparing our other music. Sometimes I guess it's ok to just hold on until it feels right!

All sorts of fun things are now starting to roll in here...Laura was fortunate to be interviewed (in conjunction with our release) by Ann Delisi of WDET here in Detroit. Ann is national treasure, a true pioneering radio host.  She really brought a nice focus to Laura, her writing process and our music. Thank you Ann!! You can find the interview on under Ann Delisi's Essential Music Sunday Aug. 30th broadcast...Laura's interview is at the NOON mark.

We also will be performing at the 2020 Don Was All Star Revue/Concert of Colors streaming event to be seen on television early October! This year is to be special as it is a tribute to the iconic bluesman and former Detroit resident JOHN LEE HOOKER. Laura and I will perform two Hook songs with the Don Was band!! We cannot divulge more than that but suffice to say WE ARE THRILLED and already practicing, lol. We'll keep you in the loop on a broadcast date and streaming link.

Also, we will be part of another streaming event for our Motor City funk inspiration Tony T-MONEY Green on September 22. Tony is a Detroit bass MONSTER who has laid down tracks for Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre and others. His band is LOW DOWN and FUNKY. It's T MONEY's B'DAY bash and we'll be streaming a LIVE show. Again, we're just over the moon to be invited to participate!

Finally stay tuned here (and our other socials) for our NEXT SINGLE RELEASE on September 18th!! Fans of southern soul, psychedelic fuzz guitar and grinding hip swaying r&b will rejoice. It's bluesy, funky and pumping. The title has to be surprise...c'mon, just play along! 

Please take care of yourselves, mask up, and stay positive during this mess we're in. Laura and I both hope we can bring some entertainment, fun and joy into your world. We both are extremely grateful and thankful for all your interaction, kind words, compliments, support and's keeping our creative spirit going. We're excited to keep delivering as best we can to you to round the edges off. You truly make our world great to live in!



We're committed to keep writing, recording, and creating quality content for everyone. Someday soon, we hope to get back on a real stage and bring our show to you! Please support our efforts to keep the music playing, and we'll continue to deliver the good stuff. Thank you for your support!!

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Thank you to all our friends and fans who have supported us the last 5 years of touring, WE LOVE YOU!  Rest assured, we will be returning to the stage soon! We hope all of our friends are safe, healthy and strong... HANG ON TO YOURSELVES! We'll add future dates here as they are confirmed...did we mention that if you enter your email you'll be the first to know when we hit the road again?