UPDATE AUGUST 2020-We're delighted and excited to finally release NEW MUSIC! We have officially launched our SINGLES 2020 campaign and will release a new single every four weeks for the next several months. Here is our first...SOUL CREATURE!! It's an uptempo homage to the old Detroit we remember and love. We hope you dig the funky synth bass, driving dance groove and sing-a-long chorus. We wanted to give the world something fun, uplifting and grooving...enjoy!!

Soul Creature

Laura Rain and the Caesars

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2020 LRC Songs (ASCAP) written and composed by Laura Rain and George Friend

Laura Rain-vocals George Friend-guitar, bass Rick Beamon-drums Jim Alfredson-synth

Recorded and mixed by Brian "Roscoe" White

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Laura Rain and George Friend

Detroit Originals

A tough, hard-working American city is reinventing itself as a vibrant incubator of ideas and creation. Back from decades of neglect, Detroit has returned to the forefront on the world stage. Adventurers, investors, artists, and young entrepreneurs are flocking to the Motor City, bringing with them energy, creativity and innovation. The city and its people are inspired again.

Laura Rain is a product of that environment, a hard driving soul singer who uses the power and finesse of her own voice to inspire and electrify your spirit. Born and raised in Detroit, where her father engineered conveyer systems for the auto plants, she delivers her original music with fearless emotion and excitement. Along with her creative partner George Friend, the pair have released four albums with a unique blend of contemporary funky soul, blues and r&b worthy of Detroit’s rich history of musical innovators.

It is the Motor City where Aretha Franklin, Parliament-Funkadelic, Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gaye all lived and created. A town where singers are continually influencing and defining the world around themselves. Laura Rain creates her own environment of expression through her music. Having released four albums of all original music since 2013, the band blends their favorite elements of funky ‘60s organ jazz, lowdown blues, dance music, old-school R&B, and soul. Laura and producer-songwriter George Friend have created a unique style, winning a prestigious Detroit Music Award for “Outstanding Blues Songwriters” and touring the U.S. Canada and Europe. Laura Rain’s voice soars as she weaves her own path through a classic, but thoroughly modern, funky sound, reimagining the r&b, gospel, blues, and soul that the city made famous.

In 2020, Laura Rain is poised to release a large collection of new music (written over the last two years) and rebuild, renew and reinvent herself once again.

Detroit has returned: strong, creative, inspiring, and always funky.

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