Hi friends!

Our next single "Rise Again" is just hitting the airwaves and will be released digitally 10-22-21 on all streaming services, as well as iTunes, Amazon etc. We're PSYCHED to finally get the song out there as we've been waiting for the vinyl test pressings, and are looking forward to starting preorders VERY SOON!

The lead single from our upcoming LP is a collaboration with producer extraordinaire UNKWN who composed the theme with us, and inspired us to title the album after the song. We feel fortunate to work with Phil (UNKWN) as he is a supremely talented composer, beat maker, sample artist and producer. We first collaborated on his release "Garnet", and came up with the "Rise" theme, later turning it into a full blown recording with the band. It really hit us hard emotionally because it speaks to the ever challenging and changing world we are all navigating. Laura's message is clear and forthright...WE"RE GONNA BE OK, WE WILL RISE AGAIN. Let the music guide your own inspiration!

Remember, if you have signed up for our email list here we'll send out a special surprise before release. It pays to be in the club! LOL!

Thanks to ALL of you supporting us; all our new fans and friends who have come out to our recent shows on the road, and those who have followed us here, and via social media. Your comments, energy, support and kind gestures keep us motivated!

Love to you from Detroit!

-Laura and George


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