A Note From Mark...

Hi Laura,

I just wanted to mirror Jackie’s gratitude to you and George for blessing us with your performance Saturday night. Granted, the audience wasn’t large, but we are raving fans of yours and feel very lucky to see and hear you perform no matter the venue.

Last Saturday we celebrated our friend’s son’s recovery from ARDS, deadly for most except for the young and strong. We then enjoyed you and George, who as always put heart and soul into the performance regardless of the circumstance. That’s true professionalism and showmanship. There was no compromise with your wonderful performance.

Since most songs are written from experience, Saturday night’s performance under the darkened skies of Downtown Detroit, in all of its bankrupt glory (where are those street lights, anyway?), is perhaps fodder for a Grammy-winning song! It was a highlight for us and we will always remember how lucky we were to hear the gifted Laura Rain and George Friend perform as if there were 20,000 fans instead of two.

Good luck this Thursday and see you in Flint!

Best wishes,